StoryTec Authoring Tool and Framework

StoryTec represents a modular rapid prototyping framework for the creation and testing (analysis) of Story-based, process-oriented, interactive applications like Learnadventures or collaborative learning and training environments. The StoryTec Authoring Tool represents its core; further components are the StoryTec Repository for data storage and retrieval, the Story Engine for the control and the StoryTec Player as testing and simulation environment to test StoryTec applications as well as interfaces to other (run-time) environments and platforms.

The conceptual basis is built by formalized models for user models (player and learner characteristics) and narrative concepts. These models providing user-centric information (of individuals or user groups) – plus additional application-oriented context information, structural information (ICML encoded story structures) and (referenced) content (objects) – are stored in the StoryTec Repository and loaded into the Story Engine as driving component of StoryTec compatible run-time environments. This might include other engines as well, for instance in 80Days the Story Engine is connected to a dedicated adaptive learning engine and controls a game engine.