Usability Tests

One of the principal aims of StoryTec is to enable authors with different background – experienced game designer and game developer as well as teachers or authors without programming skills – to create and test interactive StoryTec applications.

In order to achieve this ambitious goal, from the beginning of the StoryTec development process end users (with the different backgrounds) are continuously consulted:

Within regular, task-oriented usability studies small teams (2-3 persons per group) are testing the StoryTec authoring environment. During the tests, the probands are encouraged to tell their impressions at once (‘think-aloud-method’). Directly after the testing sessions, the probands receive and fill a questionnaire about usability issues of StoryTec. The results of the analysed and evaluated test protocols and questionnaires are considered during the ongoing development process of StoryTec.

Apart from group-based usability tests, individual tests with experts – for instance professional game designers – take place. Here, one of the goals is to check whether it is possible to apply (genre specific) development procedures within StoryTec. Second, useful features to extend the functionality or measures to improve the usability of the overall framework are identified.

All StoryTec community members are cordially invited to participate at the usability tests and to receive our User Experience questionnaire. Please register for that (with an informal message to us).

Usability-Test 2010
„Oberfläche recht intuitiv, obwohl unübliches Interface.“
Usability-Test 2010
„Etwas mehr Hilfe-Funktionen wären praktisch.“