Application Domains

StoryTec is multi-faceted, covers a broad spectrum of application domain and supports a variety of user groups.

S. Göbel, Serious Games Conference 2010

Application areas addressed by StoryTec primarily include Story-based digital educational games, game-based training and simulation environments and ‘classical’ courseware, but also any kind of Serious Games (see figure) and other process-oriented, interactive applications.

Often, the term Serious Games is used as an equivalent to ‘educational games’ (see Though, in our opinion, this is not completely true. Our definition for Serious Games – more or less following the short definition by Ben Sawyer ‘more than fun’ – is ‘Serious Games include all games and applications, which use/apply game technology and/or game-based method and concepts, combined with other technologies and/or research disciplines.’ Hereby, our hypothesis is that this might cover any application domain.

Subsequently, target user groups represent game designers and game developers, teacher, trainer and coaches or – in the context of Serious Games for Health or Serious Games for Culture and Tourism – doctors, therapists and researcher in sports science as well as members of a city marketing agency.