Research & Technical Development

From a research perspective, the underlying methods and concepts of StoryTec tackle a broad range of technical challenges respectively research and development issues.

Relevant RTD issues include:

  • Authoring aspects – HCI considerations and support for non-programmers to define interactive elements without programming skills.
  • Personalization and adaptation issues – Re-use, adaptation and presentation of content elements, situations, sequences and stories/games/courses/applications matching the needs, characteristics and preferences of users/user groups.
  • Narrative Paradox – Author vs Player control: Finding a compromise between pre-defined, plot-based approaches and emergent narrative, (game-like) interactive scenarios.
  • Game Mastering – Enabling group leaders such as a trainer, coach or moderator to control collaborative training, learning and gaming scenarios.
  • Social Media – Integration of Web2.0 features such as user generated content or the involvement of social networks and communities within (group) learning activities.

Further application oriented aspects represent – for instance in the area of serious games for sports and health – sensor, ICT and multimedia technologies, see section Exergames in the business category.

Additionally, usability and user experience aspects are considered within all topics. Finally, these issues often decide about user acceptance respectively success or failure of an application or product.