The origin of StoryTec is settled in the applied research arena. Underlying methods and concepts have been elaborated and evaluated within the context of different, in big parts interdisciplinary – and mainly public funded – research and development projects in the research and application areas Interactive Digital Storytelling, Cultural Heritage, Technology-enhanced Learning and Serious Gaming.

From an application oriented perspective, StoryTec adresses a broad range of application scenarios and target user groups: At first, StoryTec aims to support authors to create Story-based, process-oriented, interactive applications. At the moment, - within the first StoryTec release - this happens in an offline mode. Further StoryTec versions will allow web-based and collaborative authoring. Furthermore, methods and concepts are developed to support teachers/moderators as well as learners/players within collaborative and mobile learn and game settings.

Relevant publications from the research group Serious Games in that multi-faceted application spectrum and and research field are accessible via the database of publications at Multimedia Communication Lab.