Overview & Services

StoryTec enables the creation of Story-based, process-oriented, game-based, interactive applications (StoryTec Authoring Tool) as well as its testing (StoryTec Authoring Framework with StoryTec Player as test- and simulation environment) and publication on different platforms (cross media publishing with StoryTec Exporters).

The StoryTec core software (StoryTec Framework incl. demo content) will be continuously available for free for research, development and teaching via the StoryTec Open Community.

For commercial use it is planned to develop – in cooperation with the company KTX Software Development and other industrial partners – application and user(group) specific StoryTec ‘Variants’, modules and interfaces to other existing software components. Further services include user-centric seminars, workshops or (in-house) trainings.

Please contact the StoryTec team; prices and licence models are arranged on individual basis.